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On Friday 6 December and Saturday 7 December we had services in honour of the holy Great-Martyr Katherine of Alexandria.  Matins was served on Friday evening and Divine Liturgy was served on Saturday morning.  Present for Divine Liturgy were six of our parishioners named in her honour: Ekaterina Lugovoy, Katerina Rubbo, Ekaterina Waters, Cathrine Yakimov, Jessica-Katherine Datsyuk and Katie Carles.  Also present were two Wallsend parishioners, Katy Goura and Katya Martin.  After Divine Liturgy the parish rector spoke briefly about the Great-Martyr Katherine and congratulated all those celebrating their name-day.  Many years was sung for them, and afterwards all shared a light festive meal including a Lenten cake provided by Bill Reid and decorated with the words “Happy Name-Day, Katyas!”.  A little later Anastasia Harwood, the co-ordinator of the playgroup at the parish of Saint Nicholas in Wallsend, explained to the children present that the meaning of the name Katherine was “pure”, and talked to them about purity in nature and in life.  The children then worked on a craft project on this theme.

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